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We help them to be focus on the field or his costumers needs meanwhile we create detailed written estimates.

From scope forms to the actual estimates, we can help you to prepare your project and ensure that it is delivered on time. Especially if you have a particularly high volume of jobs that need attention, 360 Estimates is your one stop for all of your insurance estimating needs. And with our Xactimate services we have all of the latest pricing from within the past 30 days relevant to your area. Don’t leave anything to chance…Our estimating services will provide you with comprehensive line items and categories that enable you to more effectively do your job.

We focus in your needs

We understand time is money

Improve your productivity

Accurate turnaround

What is a core point for adjusters?

They require accuracy of damage and efficiency in claim management.

Our specialty is to analyze and count damages suffered in a property and make accurate estimates so that insurance companies cover a customer's claim. For this we dedicate our extensive experience and professionalism in each of our tasks.

Adjusters get 30% discount when they subscribe to our program!