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1Why do I need to pay for estimates?

Because with your paid subscription you will get special discounts on contracting estimates.

If you are a successful contractor you will know that in the month you will need to make several estimates. This sum of discounts will offer a significant gap between your income and your costs. The more advanced your membership plan, the greater your benefits.

2How do I sign for a membership?

It is very simple. First you need to register your user account. In that same form you must choose between the plans and select the one that best meets your needs.

The system will process your payment (in case you have selected a payment plan) and will originate a notification email indicating that your account is active and from that moment you can make use of the system.

3 What happens if I change my mind after becoming a member and I want to cancel my membership then?

In that case we terminate your membership immediately. However, some plans such as Intermediate and Advanced have a minimum permanence commitment that you have previously accepted. 360estimates.com does not return money for canceling membership.

4 Do I have all the services available in all plans or are there limitations on any of them?

All the services we provide are available for all membership plans, including the standard plan that has no cost. The only difference that the plans have is associated with special discounts for our work.

5How long should I wait for the estimate once I have requested it?

We attend the requests of our clients from the moment we receive it. This includes phone calls and / or emails in case we need to clarify some detail of the request. And rigth away we will issue the estimate within the next three (3) business days.

6What does the invoicing service mean?

It means that 360estimates.com is able to directly manage with the insurance company the claim of the accident and represent the contractor and homeowner to obtain a fair compensation avoiding omissions that oblige the interested parties to cover for their own elements that were not properly presented in the claim process.

7Can I trust 360estimates.com for accurate estimates?


Our specialty is to analyze and count damages suffered in a property and make accurate estimates so that insurance companies cover a customer's claim. For this we dedicate our extensive experienced and professionalism staff in each of our tasks.

How to

1Register an account

A user account can be registered by anyone who visits our website, for this you must select the desired membership plan and provide some contact information.

There is only 1 totally free user account with which you can manage your estimates orders and also other payment plans where you can get special benefits only valid for payment accounts.

Choose your membership plan in our Rates page and open an account today.

2Make an order

Once you have registered your user account and have logged in, you will enter the member page corresponding to the plan previously selected in your registry. From there you can use the Make an Order form, either for internal or external. Invoicing service is available if you hire interior or exterior estimates only.

If you don't have a user account yet please visite our Rates page, choose one and register now.

3Hire an invoicing service

This service is available at the time you place an order from interior or exterior.

We do only invoicing the estimates we make

4Upgrade my membership plan

If you wish to upgrade your membership plan, log in with your previously registered user account and from the landing page of your plan click on the Upgrade your plan option.

5Cancel my membership plan

If you do not want to use the 360estimates.com service anymore and you want to cancel your payment membership, send your request from the contact page indicating your requirement and we will unsubscribe.

6Be sure that my contact information will not be used for any other purpose

In 360estimates.com we only use your contact information to establish communication with you in order to meet your requirements and needs for estimates. We do not use your contact information for other purposes.

A full detail of our policies are described in our terms and conditions.

7To receive response from 360Estimates.com

Simply use the contact form and we will contact you to meet any request you have at the time.

We intend to always give you personalized attention whereby your feedback will always be important to us. Contact Us.

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