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Our writing estimates help them to deal with insurance estimator.

One of the worst things you can feel is helpless when it comes to your home’s damages and consequent repair costs. Insurance adjusters come in and give you their take on what the total estimate should be, while contractors offer you their bid. Knowing for yourself exactly where the labor and material costs should come in is empowering. We have helped hundreds of homeowners by preparing detailed and accurate estimates that reflect current pricing in their region. Affordable and fast, our estimating services have proven invaluable on so many restoration projects.

How may we help you?


Will provide you with a detailed and easy to understand written estimate that will include your company information, all of the items you indicated with an update pricing accordingly to the zip code of the job location.

Besides your company information and logo, we can add photos and specialty bid items if you provide us with them.

If you have an aerial report we can add it to, or we can provide you with and aerial report.

We divide the exteriors work in 2 main sections, Roofing estimates & Exteriors Estimates. If you will need both estimates you can save when combine both estimates at the time you place the order.

Download an example here

Roofing estimates with Eagle view

We can create the estimate using your descriptions and aerial report if have one.

If you want can choose to order an eagle view report, this will provide the quantities of sq.ft. , ridges, aros flashings, drips edges, rakes, and valleys. If you want an additional item included please let us know.

Download an example here

Exteriors estimates

Sidding estimates are great for Sidding, paint, doors, attachments and all exterior items excepting roofing’s.

Flood & Drying

Room by room we offer extensive interior estimates for a wide range of restoration projects. Similarly, we provide the same accuracy and efficiency when reporting on the interior of a structure. Property damage reports need to be as thorough as possible. This is why we take the time needed to review your scope notes completely, find any errors and omissions and only then we begin doing your estimate report. Because we give you a 1 hour consultation session, this further helps us to be as exact and accurate as possible with interior and exterior reports. We would be happy to address any questions you may have regarding any of our reporting and estimate services.

Download an example here


Countless home owners are worried trying to find out how to calculate the damage cost of their property. They know that if they deal directly with the insurance company they will face mountains of paperwork, endless calls and frustrating dead ends. You don’t have the time for this, nor should you have to endure this difficult process. We understand…and that is why we specialize in helping homeowners to calculate the damage cost of your property.

We want to help!

We will prepare an itemized summary of the repair costs of the damage (Including labor and materials). Once ready, we will send to you for approval. After that, everything is in our hands! The insurance company will receive the invoice and we will follow up payment.

Proposed value$ 15,597$ 20,050$ 25,364
Estimate cost0%N/A1,5% of the value
Amount received$ 15,597$ 20,050$ 24,984
Recovered over proposal0%28%60%
Possible property devaluation39%21%0%

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While you are in charge of evaluating the actions to be taken within your home, we take care of the estimate of the damages including managing the insurance claim invoicing

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